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Anne Peterson

Anne Peterson has been an author/poet for Dexsa items for the past 15+ years.  Her heartfelt verses have touched the lives of many.  Anne Peterson has had many losses in her life. Because of this and being abused as a child, she is drawn to those who hurt. Anne is a poet, speaker and published author of fourteen books, including: Broken: A Story of Abuse and Survival, Droplets, The Crooked House, and Emma’s Wish. Anne is also the author of 42 published Bible Studies and over 27 articles with christianbiblestudies.com/Today’s Christian Woman. She also has written for Trochia and currently writes for CrossWalk. (See a list of her articles here.) Her poetry is available in gift stores throughout the U.S. as well as in 23 countries. While Anne enjoys her many titles, her favorite is still, “Grandma.”

"Life is hard, so I write words to make it softer." Sign up to get her newsletter and she'll send you her free Ebook, Helping Someone in Grief: 17 Things You Need to Know.

Learn more about Anne and to purchase her books visit her website at http://www.annepeterson.com


James Howard

James Howard is a poet and writer that has written a poem that is featured on a Dexsa Plaque.  He has also written many other books and articles.  Here is a little bit about James: Hello my name is James Howard. I have not written anything new under the sun. I like to encourage others in my books. I pray that whoever reads one of my books may be lifted in their heart and give thanks to God. If you sense God in the pages then I will be blessed along with you. I hope to be as Barnabas, a son of encouragement. I will give a little of my testimony here. I have been asked by people why I haven't written my testimony before my other books. The answer is timing. I also write articles. Some of the editors say they want to publish the article, because it came at the right time. You can look forward to my testimony and the work God has done in me in a later book. I am a true miracle. God has been so good to me and I thank Him for His mercy, grace and kindness in His love. I don't know all the reasons why things happened, but God does and has brought me through them for His glory.

Learn more about James and to purchase his books visit his website at https://sites.google.com/view/the-masters-writings

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